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PRESS RELEASE -  March 19, 2008
PrivaFone Corporation Releases Its InSite® Semen Detection Kit
PrivaFone Corporation of Amarillo, Texas has released its InSite® Semen Detection Kit.  This kit features: 

·         Simple-to-use acid phosphatase (AP) test strips which use the classic test first reported by Babson.  This test gives a dramatic purple color upon exposure to small amounts of AP.  It is considered the "gold standard" for presumptive semen detection.  The strips are also stable for months in the provided sealed container.  This kit is an affordable source of AP test strips for consumers.

·         Prostate specific antigen (PSA) test strips.  These strips are highly specific and can detect semen down to a 1/500,000 dilution.

·         This kit will enable the detection of semen on a woman's undergarment which has been discharged up to 36 hours after intercourse. 

·         The kit is designed to be used by men who suspect their spouse may be engaged in sexual activity outside of their relationship.  It also can be used by professional investigators, and parents concerned about whether their teenage daughters are sexually active. 

·        We include a generous supply of strips:  10  AP strips and 10 PSA strips.

·         Our test kit represents the first dual-action, easy-to-use kit for private investigation of sexual activity. 


PrivaFone believes that infidelity is bad for marriage and for our society, and hopes that these test kits will help men preserve their relationships, and perhaps attenuate the trend in our society toward self-destruction caused by immorality. 
Inquiries from the press are cordially invited.
Steve Ashburn, Ph.D.
PrivaFone Corporation
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